Crowns & Bridges in Durham, NC

While we at The Smile Shop try to be as conservative as possible, sometimes a simple filling just isn’t strong enough to repair a decayed or damaged tooth. When this situation arises, crowns are often recommended.

dental crown | fix broken teethWhat Is a Crown?

Crowns are durable restorations that are meant to restore the entire function of the tooth. Commonly referred to as a "cap," a crown covers the entire outer portion of the tooth.

Why Would a Tooth Need a Crown?

There are many situations where we may recommend a crown. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Large amounts of decay that we can't restore with a filling
  • A fracture or crack resulting from trauma
  • Strengthen a tooth following root canal treatment
  • Cosmetically restore large unsightly fillings

What Can I Expect During the Process?

Crowns typically require two appointments. During your first visit, our doctors prepare your natural tooth for the crow, and a detailed impression is taken. We then send the impression to one of our preferred dental laboratories.

The lab fabricates a custom crown with a fit that is specifically personalized for your tooth and a color that is perfectly matched to your natural smile. So that you have a functioning tooth while your lab-fabricated crown is being made, we will place a temporary crown to allow your smile to function during the interim.

During the second appointment, we remove the temporary crown and place the lab-fabricated crown on your tooth. We thoroughly examine the fit and finish to ensure the crown is perfect in every aspect. dental bridge diagram | tooth replacement optionsThis includes taking x-rays of the seated crown for a complete evaluation. Once you approve and are 100% satisfied, we permanently cement the crown to your tooth.

We assure you that both appointments are as painless as possible and every step is taken with your comfort in mind.

Dental Bridges

A bridge is a type of crown that is fabricated to restore a missing tooth. The entire process is very similar to an individual crown. Dr. Spriggs prepares the tooth in front and the tooth behind the missing space and then takes an impression is taken of the prepared tooth. We then instruct the dental lab to fabricate a connected series of crowns that span from one tooth to the other, thus forming a bridge over the missing space.

Like crowns, bridges are custom fabricated to your individual teeth and smile and can be great options to improve eating function as well as restoring your ideal smile.

Caring for Crowns and Bridges

Once your personalized crown or bridge is in place, we want to ensure that it is being taken care of properly. Home care that includes proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as routine dental hygiene appointments are essential to ensure the tooth stays healthy and increase the lifespan of the restoration. Specialized oral hygiene instructions will be provided at your crown delivery appointment.

Please Call Our Office to Learn More

If you are experiencing symptoms of a cracked tooth, have large fillings that you would like to replace, or want to improve your smile esthetically with beautiful crowns, be sure to call our Durham, NC dental office. We will be happy to schedule a consultation appointment to provide more information and answer your questions!