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Dr Spriggs | The Smile Shop
Dr. Adam Spriggs
Dr. Spriggs is a general dentist who has a passion for providing high-quality dental care. He is also committed to making the patient experience informative and enjoyable.

"Dental treatment can be complex and confusing. At The Smile Shop, we believe patient education is very important in order to provide comprehensive dental care. By taking the time to answer all questions, and explain the different treatment options available, we empower you to be more involved with your dental care. This way, we can work together to form a comprehensive dental plan that best suits your individual needs." - Dr. Spriggs
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Dr Dolin | The Smile Shop
Dr. Kate Dolin
Dr. Kate Dolin is devoted to providing the highest standards of treatment to all her patients. She enjoys the art of dentistry and delivering comprehensive care for patients of all ages.

"I have one major goal with all of my patients - treat your smile as if it were my own. I strive to provide dental care in a soothing atmosphere while focusing on quality and prevention. I hope to get your smile healthy while also educating you on how to prevent cavities and gum disease in the future. I look forward to making you a part of our dental family." -Dr. Dolin
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How long will my procedure take?

We understand that your time is valuable. At The Smile Shop, we strive to provide treatment in a productive and time-conscious manner while not compromising your care.

Your oral health deserves a thorough and personalized appointment, and we are here to make your visit effortless. Even before you walk in the door, our experienced team ensures your appointment time is scheduled with your convenience in mind. From the moment you check in at our front desk to the conclusion of your appointment, we do everything we can to use your time efficiently.

man having dental procedure We use the latest technology to reduce wait times in the reception area and while you are in the dental chair. Everything from our iPad medical history and consent forms to our state-of-the-art intraoffice communication system is designed to make your visit streamlined and straightforward.

Since no two procedures are the same, your time with our dental family here can vary. Fillings and cleanings are usually straightforward and can be accomplished in less than an hour. More extensive procedures such as root canals require more time to provide optimal results.

Please feel free to ask anyone on our dental team about the estimated time for each appointment. We realize that your time is important and we want to cater to your needs as much as possible.