Dental Cleanings & Hygiene in Durham, NC

dental cleanings | morrisville nc | the smile shopRoutine cleanings at The Smile Shop with our amazing licensed dental hygienists allow for all tartar and plaque to be removed that adversely affects your teeth. During each appointment, we will provide oral hygiene instructions to each patient including:

  • Going over any areas that you are missing at home
  • Recommendations of kinds of toothpaste or rinses that fit your needs
  • Proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Dietary habits affecting your smile

Periodontal Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC), approximately 50% of Americans have periodontal (gum) disease. Without treatment, periodontal disease can lead to infections and tooth loss. If you have diabetes and heart disease, you are particularly at risk of having periodontal disease. Untreated gum infections can adversely affect the health of your entire body, particularly your heart.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Plaque and tartar can attach itself to the tooth below the gums and cause chronic inflammation of the surrounding tissue. The irritation and infection from these bacteria lead to resorption of your gums and the bone surrounding your teeth. This loss of bone and supportive tissues of your teeth indicate periodontal disease.

dental cleanings | morrisville nc | the smile shopHow Do I Know If I have Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease can progress with few signs or symptoms. Often, people are unaware of the presence of the disease, and a thorough examination is required to determine the status of your periodontal health.

How Do You Treat Periodontal Disease?

The treatment recommendations for periodontal disease vary depending on severity. The most common treatment is commonly known as a deep cleaning procedure, or scaling and root planing. This is a specialized cleaning designed to remove all plaque and tartar below the gums.

Following the initial deep cleaning, a follow-up appointment and routine maintenance are also essential to prevent the plaque and tartar from re-forming under the gums. By keeping the teeth clean, we help prevent further progression of the disease.

Every case is different, so we focus on formulating a customized treatment plan that is best suited to your needs.

Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth is all too common in today’s world. It can affect your daily life, make you stay away from the foods drinks you love or even make dental cleanings uncomfortable.

Sensitive teeth can occur for many reasons including:

  • Recession of gums exposing root surface of tooth
  • Diet-related- consuming frequent acidic drinks like soda
  • Using a whitening treatment, toothpaste, or rinse
  • Presence of cavities

What Can You Do about Sensitive Teeth?

Staying up to date with cleanings and exams is our first priority, and removing tartar buildup and screening for cavities will be completed at each cleaning visit.

  • Improper brushing techniques can contribute to gum recession that in turn worsens tooth sensitivity. Your dental hygienist will go over proper brushing and flossing techniques to help with sensitivity.
  • Some ingredients in toothpaste can worsen sensitive teeth. There are many kinds of toothpaste specifically to help with sensitivity. We can help choose one that is right for you!
  • The foods you eat can contribute to the symptoms of sensitive teeth. Avoiding acidic foods frequently throughout the day and replacing with water.
  • For severe cases, sensitivity varnishes and even fillings are available to help.

If you experience sensitive teeth, be sure to let us know at your visit. We want your smile happy and healthy!

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