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Are You Guilty of These 3 Common Flossing Mistakes?

March 23, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Adam Spriggs
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You know that flossing your teeth is an essential part of oral hygiene, but actually doing it may be a challenge. So, you rush through the routine just to get it over with, and the result is an inadequate job and wasted effort.

Your dentist in Durham, NC wants you to understand the importance of proper dental hygiene, so here are a few facts you need to know.

Yes, You Need to Floss

If you’re a pro at brushing, you probably wonder why flossing is even necessary. The reason you need to floss is that plaque can build up between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. And when plaque is left to sit on your teeth, it turns into a hard substance called tartar that puts you at risk for decay and gum disease.

3 Common Flossing Mistakes

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to learn how to floss correctly, but there is a right way and a wrong way to get the job done. Since you want to get the most out of your dental hygiene routine in Durham, NC, here are three common mistakes to watch out for when flossing.

#1: Cleaning Only One Side of a Tooth

If you get your floss between your teeth and just saw it up and down, you’re not cleaning both sides of your teeth. Try wrapping the floss into a “C” shape around one side of the tooth to clean it, then switch to the other side and repeat. 

#2: Forcing Floss between Teeth

Sometimes dental work can make it tricky to slide the floss smoothly between your teeth. Don’t make the mistake of forcing the floss because it can snap against your gums and cause damage. Instead, saw back and forth with the floss to gently slide it between your teeth. If you continue to have trouble, your hygienist can recommend floss threaders or other interdental cleaners. 

#3: Reusing the Same Section of Floss

If you reuse the same section of floss on several teeth, you are just moving bacteria-filled plaque around in your mouth. Every time you switch teeth, use a new length of floss to be sure you’re getting the job done correctly. 

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