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Bad Fads – Don't Fall Victim to Dental Gimics

May 20, 2022
Posted By: The Smile Shop

Shakespeare asked us, "what’s in a name?" perhaps so we'd ponder how often names are misleading or irrelevant. But in some instances, the word itself contains a kernel of truth. We find this quality in the term 'fad.’ Possibly a contraction for ‘fiddle-faddle,’ but more likely, the word relates to the French fadaise for ‘trifle.’ What’s funny is that the French word’s root is the Latin fatuus, or quite literally “stupid.”

So while fads are fine for fashion, you should never trust your health to something whose very definition means it’s a dumb idea. This fact holds especially for dental fads, many of which are not only ineffective but may do the opposite by damaging your teeth. The team at The Smile Shop in Durham, NC, wants to help you with what to avoid.

Dangerous Dental Fads

Numerous dental fads may sound logical, but you should avoid them because of how bad they are for teeth. Here are some of the worst:

  • Lemon juice – while some claim it cleans and whitens teeth, any citrus juice is exceptionally acidic, which endangers tooth enamel.
  • Hydrogen peroxide rinse – this fad traces itself to the active ingredient in teeth whiteners, but the kind available in stores is not formulated for teeth. It can irritate the tissues inside your mouth.
  • Charcoal toothpaste or treatments – widely acclaimed online, charcoal is very rough, damaging tooth enamel as acidity.

Fad Teeth Whiteners You Should Avoid

Wouldn’t it be great if you could throw together some common household items and save hundreds on your teeth? If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. Many fads claim to work with properties that are actually bad for your teeth. You can recognize most of the problematic ones because they contain ingredients with two properties:

  • Acidic – fruit juice and other citric treatments are bad for tooth enamel and don’t even whiten much. Instead, you should rinse any acidic compounds from your teeth immediately.
  • Scouring – abrasive products in many kinds of toothpaste and baking soda make whitening claims, but their impact also wears enamel. Diminished enamel results in a less white smile because your dentin, the layer below tooth enamel, is yellow-ish and shows through.

Dental Gimics Can’t Replace Routine Hygiene in Durham, NC

Dental fads can be enticing because they offer a quick fix. We want you to know that routine check-ups, cleanings, and professional dental care can be as straightforward as a fad, but our care actually works. Experience the Smile Shop difference today.

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