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Missing Tooth Replacement Options for Every Budget

June 9, 2021
Posted By: The Smile Shop
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If you have missing teeth, you understand firsthand how challenging it can be to maintain your everyday lifestyle when it becomes harder to eat, speak, and smile after tooth loss.

Because missing teeth can quickly cause problems for your entire smile, it’s best to replace them right away. If missing natural teeth are left unreplaced for too long, you will start to notice problems with your neighboring teeth and the overall health and strength of your jawbone. 

Affordable Tooth Replacement in Durham, NC

Unfortunately, the thing that holds so many people back from getting the dental restorations they need is cost. People think they need to spend a fortune to replace their missing teeth, so they put the process off for far too long and end up with compromised oral health. 

The good news is that you can find a missing tooth replacement option for every budget. While it’s true there are higher-end dental restorations available, you can choose something more affordable if you’re on a smaller budget. Even if you have to choose a less expensive treatment now to help preserve your oral health, you can always pursue a different treatment at a later time. 

Here at The Smile Shop, our options for tooth replacement are:

Each of these treatments has its unique pros and cons, and each treatment will cost a different amount depending on how many missing teeth you have. 

The Best Replacements for Your Missing Teeth

Because dental implants remain the very best in tooth replacement options, they will typically be the most expensive choice. If you’re unable to afford dental implants or simply wish to pursue a non-surgical tooth replacement alternative, we can help design beautiful dentures or crowns and bridges to fill the gaps left behind.

A partial denture will usually be the cheapest dental restoration available, with a dental bridge (and the corresponding adjacent tooth crowns) priced somewhere in between dental implants and dentures. Our Durham dentists will be happy to discuss specific pricing details with you depending on your dental insurance and unique needs. 

If you have missing teeth, we recommend acting quickly to replace them! Please call us right away at (919) 941-5549 when you’re ready to schedule your dental appointment to learn more about dentures, implants, and dental bridges. 

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