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Tips to Lower Your Risk of Tooth Extraction

January 1, 2021
Posted By: The Smile Shop

There’s an old saying: “Be good to your teeth, and they’ll be good to you.”

That pretty much sums up oral health in a nutshell. Your teeth are incredibly strong and resilient, and with some pro-active steps on your part, you may never have to worry about tooth extraction.

Focus on Excellent Oral Hygiene

Your entire at-home hygiene routine, including brushing twice a day and flossing once, shouldn’t take you more than a total of 10 minutes. All you have to do is commit yourself to the process, and the reward is healthy teeth and gums that can potentially last a lifetime.

Don’t feel particularly confident about your brushing and flossing skills? Your dental team is invested in your oral health, so don’t hesitate to ask your hygienist in Durham for tips at your next cleaning appointment.

Be Proactive with Dental Appointments

There are several steps between a healthy, problem-free smile and one that ultimately requires tooth extraction. The goal is that with preventive dentistry, including routine checkups and teeth cleanings, your dental team has the opportunity to stay current with and monitor your oral health.  

Your Durham, NC dentist can easily fill a simple cavity if one develops, so it makes sense for you to take care of it as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you can develop an infection or dental abscess, but it is still possible to save the tooth with a root canal. Without a root canal to remove the infection and relieve your pain, however, you will likely require tooth extraction.

Understand Your Risk Factors

Some people are genetically predisposed to cavities (caries) and gum disease. Others have underlying health conditions like diabetes or cancer, and many more smoke or use tobacco products. Through your conversations with your Durham dentist, learn what your risk factors are and what you can do to minimize them.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam in Durham, NC

Dr. Adam Spriggs and The Smile Shop dental team are here to help you achieve and maintain strong, healthy teeth and gums for life. Please schedule an appointment for your next routine checkup at our 27703 dental office.

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