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Tooth Extraction Recovery

June 14, 2022
Posted By: The Smile Shop
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The thought of a tooth extraction makes most people cringe. But thanks to modern dentistry, tooth extractions are more gentle and pain-free than ever. If your dentist recently told you that you might need a dental extraction, there’s no reason to fear––especially if you’re in the skilled and caring hands of Drs. Kate Dolin and Adam Spriggs. 

The Smile Shop offers gentle, pain-free tooth extractions at our Durham, NC, dental office. We only recommend tooth extractions as a last resort to protect a patient’s smile and oral health, and we are here for you every step of the way, from your initial appointment to recovery.  

Tooth Extraction Recovery

Recovering from a tooth extraction may take a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of your unique case. While many people can return to routine activities in 48 to 72 hours, it can take several weeks for the jawbone to heal. After your procedure, your dentist will provide detailed instructions for aftercare, oral hygiene, diet, medications, and more.

Here are some general rules for a prompt recovery: 

  • Clean the extraction site by rinsing with an antimicrobial mouthwash two to three times each day. 
  • Avoid brushing over the extraction site until your dentist gives you the go-ahead. 
  • Take your medications as directed. Your dentist may prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics, or you may take over-the-counter pain relievers. 
  • Avoid strenuous activity for at least 48 hours. Elevating your heart rate can increase bleeding and discomfort after surgery. Your dentist will inform you when it’s safe to resume specific activities, such as going to the gym. 
  • Avoid hard, crunchy, sharp, tough, and sticky foods as they can irritate the extraction site. Try to stick to a soft diet of rice, eggs, yogurt, pasta, and applesauce. 
  • Avoid drinking through a straw as this can irritate the extraction site, dislodge blood clots, and lead to dry sockets. 
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol until your dentist says you can resume.

Gentle, Pain-Free Tooth Extractions in Durham, NC 

Drs. Kate Dolin and Adam Spriggs, a husband-and-wife dental team, and The Smile Shop crew want only the best for your health and wellness. If you’d like to learn more about our services, one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you. 

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dolin or Dr. Spriggs. 

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