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Types of Dental Bridges and Why You Might Need One

April 5, 2022
Posted By: The Smile Shop
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Missing teeth impact many areas of our lives, influencing the way we speak, the foods we choose to eat, and how confident we feel in the presence of others. Additionally, tooth loss contributes to oral health complications like tooth migration, digestion issues, and gum disease.

Fortunately, your dentist in Durham, NC, offers options like dental implants and the time-tested dental bridge.

What Is a Dental Bridge in Durham, NC?

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth that sits between dental crowns. The dental crowns cap the teeth on either side of the open space. This method allows the replacement tooth or teeth to complete your smile when natural teeth are missing. Typically, a dental bridge stands in for one or two missing adjacent teeth.

A dental crown can also be supported with a dental implant if teeth adjacent to the smile gap are not healthy enough to anchor the bridge.

When you have missing teeth, you need to replace them to maintain your smile health, nutrition, and confidence.

How to Take Care of Your Dental Bridge

Restorations and prosthetics require care and upkeep to secure longevity and prevent failure. For example, it’s crucial to keep crowned teeth healthy to avoid further tooth loss and loss of your bridge. Additionally, you want to avoid conditions like gum disease, which introduces a whole host of complications and risks to your oral and physical health.

We recommend a floss threader to clean beneath your bridge and keep debris and bacteria from sitting on the gum. A special cleaning brush, which we’ll talk to you about at your consultation, also keeps your bridge free from harmful bacteria.

Finally, you’ll want to visit your dentist on schedule for checkups and teeth cleanings and always report issues to our team as soon as possible—for example, a loose crown or sore that won’t heal.

A Dental Bridge Restores Your Smile and Your Confidence

If you have missing teeth, we are happy to arrange a consultation with the dentist. So give us a call today to get started.

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