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Will getting my teeth whitened increase sensitivity?

Teeth whitening at the Smile Shop is a simple process.

Whitening products contain tooth bleaches that break up stains. This process reduces the stain's prominence, showing more of your natural teeth and making them look brighter. The argument for this type of whitening under your dentist's supervision is to ensure the bleaching process does not damage your teeth.

Sensitivity Is Common with At-Home Teeth Whitening Products

Some people who use teeth whiteners may experience tooth sensitivity, which occurs when the bleaching agents penetrate your enamel or the gums. In many cases, this discomfort results from misunderstanding the product's directions or inadequate monitoring of treatment times.

What To Do If You Experience Sensitivity

Where an at-home whitening treatment causes sensitivity, we would advise you to discontinue use and give the Smile Shop at call. We can work with you to determine if whitening is your best course of action and then help you make a plan.

If you are experiencing sensitivity with a take-home kit, talk to your dentist about adjusting to your treatment plan. The best thing is for our patients to confide in us and benefit from our professional treatments and products. Our office is always willing to take your call.

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