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Is teeth whitening safe?

As we age, regular day-to-day usage and the foods we choose to eat may discolor our teeth. Luckily, your dentist at the Smile Shop in Durham, NC, can offer you some great teeth whitening options.

Professional-Grade Teeth Whitening in Durham, NC 

If your main concern about teeth whitening is safety, then your best course is to work with your dentist to achieve your goals. While at-home whitening systems are widely available, your dentist is a professional who can ensure you’ll get results while understanding the safety instructions and guidelines.

Your dentist will also customize your treatment based on your desires, including your choice of three whitening procedures.

Custom Take-Home Teeth Whitening Trays

We take impressions of your teeth and then create bleaching trays that fit your smile. This keeps the bleaching agent on your teeth where you want it and away from more sensitive areas like your gums. Then you may whiten at home knowing your dentist’s expertise is at work.

Teeth Whitening Done In Our Dental Office

For noticeable whitening in one visit to our office in Durham, NC, in-office whitening might work for you. Our dental team monitors the whole process ensuring your whitening is successful.

Whiten Your Teeth Safely with Us

The common thread in every option we offer for teeth whitening is our professional experience and expertise. To learn more about whitening at the Smile Shop, give us a call.

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