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How long does a tooth extraction take?

The length of a tooth extraction procedure varies greatly depending on each patient's unique needs. For example, a patient having one tooth extracted is going to spend less time in the dental chair than a patient who needs four wisdom teeth removed. 

The best way to determine how long your procedure will take is to meet with one of our dentists for an evaluation. During your assessment, our dentists use x-rays, photos, and an exam to determine the complexity of your procedure and the time it will take to complete.

Most tooth extraction procedures don't take long; however, our dentists do spend time ensuring that you are entirely comfortable and the extraction site is numb, so you don't feel anything during your procedure.

Your team at The Smile Shop is also here to support you throughout your healing process afterward, and you can contact us at any time with questions or concerns about recovering.

If you or a loved one needs tooth extraction in Durham, NC, we invite you to contact The Smile Shop at (919) 941-5549 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Dolin, Dr. Spriggs, or Dr. Bonasso. Arming yourself with information about your tooth extraction will make the process stress-free.

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