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Do I need an emergency appointment for a lost dental crown?

The Smile Shop Offers 24 Hour Emergency Services

Unless you are in pain, lost or loose dental crowns don't typically need immediate attention. Even so, we understand that any unexpected dental problem is upsetting, so we offer 24-hour emergency dentistry for our Durham, NC patients to provide the reassurance you need.

Call us anytime, day or night, at (919) 941-5549, and we’ll get you on our schedule for a dental appointment as soon as possible.

A lost dental crown needs prompt attention because it exposes your tooth to bacteria that can cause a cavity. Since there’s no dental crown to protect the exposed tooth from chewing forces, it is also at risk for breaking or fracturing.

If we see you promptly, there’s a good chance that our 24-hour emergency dentists in Durham can reuse the crown. Otherwise, changes can occur to your teeth and gums, and we may need to create a new crown for you.

One reason dental crowns come off is that tooth decay has broken its seal. If this is the case for you, our dentists will need to remove the decay and fill the tooth, and you will need a new crown.

If you schedule routine appointments for cleanings, we'll periodically check the condition of your crowns and other dental work. Our dentists can also detect underlying cavities that put your crown at risk for coming off.

Call The Smile Shop if You Have a Dental Emergency

At The Smile Shop, we commonly treat dental emergencies like toothaches, lost dental crowns, loose fillings, broken teeth, and infected teeth. If you need 24-hour emergency dentistry in Durham, NC, please call us at (919) 949-5549, so we can provide the prompt treatment and relief you need.

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